Personnel development and psychometric testing

Do you want to improve your business with innovative HR strategies? Being able to strategically assess the talent you have and develop the talent you need is a key part of achieving your organization's goals. 

At Manpower, we support our clients in the entire recruitment process – search, interview planning, psychometric testing, assessment of candidate motivation or engagement, and talent development and management. 

Psychometric testing 

We believe that high-quality and appropriate psychometric testing can help to a large extent in selecting the right candidate for the chosen position. Our psychometric tests are based on the assumption that employees can be successful, productive, and satisfied only in a workplace that is in line with their personality characteristics and capabilities. Among the wide range of tests, Manpower Slovenija recommends the one that will be in accordance with your needs and wishes. 

Developing soft skills through gamification 

The development of personnel and competencies is not necessarily a boring and draining process in the form of lectures. In cooperation with Manpower Slovenia, you can offer your employees an innovative approach to the development of key competencies by playing themed computer games in which they take on different roles, and with the help of gamification, they build soft skills and abilities. 

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