Outsourcing of HR services and payroll

In order for companies to thrive, they need flexible HR solutions. With our ability to respond quickly to all your needs, we can provide you with a unique approach that is absolutely necessary for today's unpredictable business environment. Cooperation with us will help you solve all business challenges that require a quick response and in-depth knowledge of the field. 


Do you want to save time and consequently money on a time-consuming administrative task - payroll? We will calculate salaries for your employees in a timely and professional manner, and at the same time advise you in relation to payments and inform you about all new developments in the field of labor legislation. 

Outsourcing of staffing or personnel administration 

HR outsourcing, or the so-called outsourcing of staffing, is a good solution for companies that do not have their own HR manager or HR department but want all HR procedures to be managed correctly and in accordance with the relevant legislation. Manpower can handle HR administration, labor law procedures, and payroll for you. 


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