Market, salary, and company research

Manpower Slovenia offers market research and company factors that help you turn everyday challenges into a long-term strategy for maintaining competitiveness. We offer analysis of salary systems and benefits, measuring the success of the employer brand, including setting up a strategy to improve it, as well as analysis of employee satisfaction and engagement. 

If your company plans to enter the Slovenian or foreign market and you need information about the competition in the labor market, Manpower can help you access the most important and latest information. Our HR professionals specialize in specific industries, giving them a better understanding of markets, companies, and candidates. It provides our clients with top-quality services. 

We are very satisfied with the analysis of salaries and benefits conducted by Manpower, as they proved themselves with their responsiveness and professionalism. The entire cooperation was professional, and we were kept up-to-date on the progress. 

Decathlon, Aljaž Belingar, Head of compliance and legal advisor 

Market research

Salary and benefits research 

Payroll systems analysis provides detailed insight into salaries, compensation, and benefits within your industry, (job) positions, or geographic area. All obtained data is based on reliable data collected through direct contact with relevant representatives in companies. The final analysis is a customized report based on advanced quantitative and qualitative analysis and interpretation. 

Availability of talents (Talent mapping) 

The study of talent availability and the analysis of employment expectations is one of the key segments in today's world to establish an effective recruitment and business plan for any company. The specificity of our methodology is reflected in the collection of relevant and reliable information from various sources and interests - official data of relevant institutions at the national and regional level, as well as qualified experts. The final report is thus tailored for the industry, sector, and position. 

Employee engagement and satisfaction research 

Employee satisfaction and engagement research provides an assessment of the current working atmosphere in the company. The research will help you understand the needs, desires, and motivators of employees and their satisfaction/dissatisfaction with various aspects of the company. Based on this information, the employer can create and implement all the necessary changes, which will have a long-term impact on lower turnover, higher employee productivity, and, as a result, better company operations. 

What our clients say about us?

"Our collaboration with Manpower was exceptionally professional, marked by their prompt and regular progress updates. Their responsiveness and demonstrated expertise truly set them apart."

Decathlon, Aljaž Belingar, Compliance Manager and Legal Counsel

"Nives Orešnik prepared a comprehensive benchmark analysis for us in a very short time, which helped us to upgrade the salary system in the company."

Marifarm, Valerija Čuš, Employee Development Specialist

"Performing a benchmark analysis serves as an excellent tool for maintaining appropriate levels of payouts in the company for all jobs, developing the salary system in the company, and responding to changes related to market developments."

Winoa, Tamara Gornjak, Head of Human Resources


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